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Chain Anti-Drop device

Bottom bracket style mounting and fantastic frame protection

The DropStop is a new type of anti-chain drop device for road and mountain bikes. The DropStop is ideal for full suspension mountain bikes or road bikes with non-round or oversize seat tubes which make it impossible to mount other types of anti-drop devices. The DropStop is mounted and firmly clamped into position using the bicycles bottom bracket. The DropStop totally protects the frame from chain damage due to chain-drop and keeps the chain running on the inner chainring.

  • Simple design for both road and mountain bikes
  • Hardened aluminum construction with nickel plating
  • No seat tube mounting required
  • Excellent frame protection


The DropStop is sold in two sizes. The longer size is for road bikes and will protect up to a 39 tooth small chain ring. The shorter size will work with most cross and mountain bikes with small chain rings up to 32 tooth.


DropStop instruction sheet



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